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Padded Waterproof Adjustable Night Dazzling with Reflective Straps Control Handle Front Clip for Outdoor Training Walking.


Measurements And Sizes


Medium Dog Harness: Measuring neck girth: 33-40cm (12.99-15.75”), chest girth: 55 - 65cm (21.65-25.59”).
Large Dog Harness: Measuring neck girth: 40-50cm (15.75-19.69”), chest girth: 60 - 75cm (23.62-29.63”).
X-Large Dog Harness: Measuring neck girth: 50-60cm (19.69-23.62”), chest girth: 70-85cm (27.56-33.46”).

  • Eco-friendly adjustable fashion recycled material: Nylon + Leather + Zinc Alloy Hardware, Metal rings and Chest buckle. PU Leather Harness with elastic chest belt, 3M reflective stripe, and breathable mesh liner for comfort and less constraint. 
  • Double Layer luxury is soft lightweight, comfortable and has no irritation or chafing on the skin while your pet enjoys their time out.
  • It is very easy to put on or off an overhead harness with two chest snap buckles and four-slide buckles for adjusting straps. Just slide it on over your dog's head and adapt the harness to your pet's body using the straps. Both side adjustment straps help to give your pet a perfect fit.
  • The back handles have metal lead D rings and an alloy leash hook, giving you more options for control. The chest ring could be used to stop dogs from the habit of pulling forward, while the back ring is for normal walking, jogging, training, etc.
  • Dazzling PU Dog Harness dazzles both night and day for more visibility and a safer walk. It dazzles depending on light intensity and the type of light. It is made of sustainable and durable materials.
  • Easy to clean: Maintain by dusting with a dry or slightly damp lint-free cloth.  Waterproof: polyurethane leather is waterproof, which is perfect for adventures that involve water.     

Material: Nylon + Leather + Zinc Alloy Hardware, padded soft mesh design. It dazzles at night to aid the safety of your pet, useful for night walks.

The harness is soft, lightweight, and breathable. Comfortable, safe, smart design and easy to use. The harness helps avoid pulling or choking your pet, It has a back handle for safe control of forceful motion. No-pull no-choke front and back control rings. Clipped to a lead, could be used to minimise pulling. Great control for walking, running, and all other outdoor activities. The elastic chest straps enable non-loss fitting. Great fit for medium to large dogs, suitable for breeds such as Cavachon, Labrador, Golden retrievers, German shepherd, Alaska, Husky etc.

No-Pull Dog PU Leather Y Harness (GREEN)

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