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Real Leather Dog Collar

Our 100% natural genuine cow leather. A solid but soft material. The collar style is wide and durable good for all sighthounds dog bread and other dog breeds as well.


Brass buckle | Welded strong brass D-ring| Reinforced stitching.


How To Measure Your Pet


Using a soft measuring tape, wrap the tape around the middle of your pet's neck. Hold the soft tape flush to the neck and add two to three cm for added comfort. If your dog is between sizes, we suggest going up a size.

Measurement Guide:

S - 32cm.

M - 41cm.

L - 50cm

Breed suggestions:

Sighthounds. Whippets, Greyhounds, Italian Greyhounds, Salukis, Galgos, Borzoi and Irish Wolfhound.




  • Apply a little leather wax from time to time to help preserve and protect the leather
  • Allow to dry naturally should the leather become wet
  • Remember, leather is a natural material, and the surface may show little variations in colour or even the occasional small imperfection.


  •  Saturate the Leather in water as this could cause the leather to lose its supple quality and turn brittle as well as mark the leather.
  • Allow the collar to be chewed by your pet.


Made in China for NCREA8TIVE LTD.

Wide Leather Collar (Green)

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